Friday, 16 March 2012

Jism 2 Online

New bollywood movie "jism 2" online very hard story and amazing perfomence in this movie. Mahesh Bhatt along with his daughter Pooja and actor Imran Zahid were in Darjeeling on Thursday. "Despite Ooty and Kashmir being important film locales, as a young director, I preferred to come to Darjeeling in 1979 to shoot for my film Lahoo Ke Doo Rang, starring Shabana Azmi and Vinod Khanna. I had been inspired by a film shot in Darjeeling by Satyajit Ray. Later many critics had stated that a unique dimension of Darjeeling had been captured in this film. Darjeeling was also a favourite destination of Director Shakti Shamanta," stated Bhatt. Walking on her father's footsteps, even Pooja wants to give Darjeeling a try for her next film Jism 2. My films have been shot in Lahaul spiti and Puducherry- all new locales.
 Now I want to try out Darjeeling for my film Jism 2. The film demands a fine balance between nature and colonial architecture- Darjeeling perfectly fits the bill. We are looking around. Though we have other locations in mind also, Darjeeling tops the list. I have fond memories of Darjeeling," stated Pooja.